Automating Movable Type Installation

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Update: I’ve placed this upgrade script on the wiki, a better place for more people to enjoy and collaborate:

Automation is awesome! This script I use to set up a new MT instance probably saves me 15-20 hours a year, that 2-3 workdays.

I use the below shell script to:

  • checkout target release of MT
  • checkout addons (Packs [ProPack, MTCS, Enterprise], static files, & Tristan Theme)
  • checkout addons themes (Tristan
  • issue make
  • set up a static directory for the release
  • set permissions
  • create a mt-config.cgi file
  • and finally… open the release in TextMate

If you have an suggested improvements, please comment below!


Simple command does the above

$ makemt 41

Full command

$ makemt target-release {local-dir} {addons-release}

Note: If you are not using the addons (or don’t have access to them) you’ll need to comment out the portions of the script containing addons_branch.


#!/usr/bin/env sh

# setup a new MT release
function makemt ()
    # usage: makemt target_release local_release_dir addons_branch
    # example: makemt 40 r40
    # target_release = svn repo name
    # local_release_dir = local release dir to place this repo
    if [ ! $local_release_dir ]; then
    if [ ! $addons_branch ]; then
    if [ $target ]; then
        echo $target $local_release_dir $addons_branch;

        svn co$target /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir;
        echo SUCCESS: release-$target checked out;

        cd /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir;
        echo SUCCESS: make;

        mkdir /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir;
        echo SUCCESS: created /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir;

        chmod 777 /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir;
        echo SUCCESS: permissions updated /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir;

        cd /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir;
        ln -s /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir/mt-static /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir/mt-static;
        echo SUCCESS: symlink to /Sites/_live/html/r$local_release_dir/mt-static;

        chmod -R 777 /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir/mt-static/support;
        echo SUCCESS: permissions updated /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir/mt-static/support;

        cd /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir/;
        svn co$addons_branch/addons/;
        echo SUCCESS: svn co $addons_branch/addons;

        svn co$addons_branch/mt-static/addons mt-static/addons;
        echo SUCCESS: svn co $addons_branch/mt-static/addons;

        svn co$addons_branch/mt-static/themes/tristan-blue mt-static/themes/tristan-blue;
        echo SUCCESS: svn co $addons_branch/mt-static/themes/tristan-blue;

        curl$addons_branch/mt-cp.cgi > mt-cp.cgi;
        echo SUCCESS: svn co $addons_branch/mt-cp.cgi;

        chmod 755 mt-cp.cgi
        echo SUCCESS: chmod 755 mt-cp.cgi;

        mt_config="# Config File Generated via makemt command
CGIPath /cgi-bin/release-$target/
StaticWebPath /r$target/mt-static

ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database mt_r21
DBUser root
DBPassword root
DBHost localhost
#DBSocket /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock

##### CGI LOCATIONS #####
# AdminScript mt.fcgi
# CommentScript mt-comments.fcgi
# TrackbackScript mt-tb.fcgi
# ActivityFeedScript mt-feed.fcgi
# XMLRPCScript mt-xmlrpc.fcgi
# AtomScript mt-atom.fcgi
# UpgradeScript mt-upgrade.fcgi

DebugMode 1
DeleteFilesAtRebuild 1
# HTTPTimeout 60
# EnableAddressBook 1
# ShowIPInformation 1";
        echo "$mt_config" > mt-config.cgi;
        echo SUCCESS: mt-config.cgi created;

        mate /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir/;
        mate /Sites/_live/cgi/release-$local_release_dir/mt-config.cgi;
        echo 'usage = makemt target local_release_dir addons_branch';

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