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I’m a keyboard-short-cut whore, feel me roar!

  1. Enter username (shouldn’t have to tab as your cursor should already be there)
  2. Hit tab
  3. Enter password
  4. Control-R (access key to check the remember me checkbox)
  5. Control-S (access key for “submit” throughout the app)

Firefox Shortcut to MT Docs

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I visit the docs so often I made a Firefox shortcut for it.

To go to the docs for the tag <$mt:Entries$> I type the following into the location bar:

docs entries

and then I’m redirected to:


Here’s a screenshot of how you set it up. Basically you use %s to grab the string after the keyword.

Firefox MT Docs Bookmark Shortcut


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What the f*ck is cgi-bin mt mt cgi?

Apparently that doesn’t make sense Mr. Client.

So I updated his .htaccess file with this:

Redirect /admin

Now he points his browser to and he is redirected to his blog in his MT install.

Then he decided he didn’t want to type, just click… but didn’t want a link to “admin” visible on his site… so I made an invisible one.

So just after the date that appears on every entry in his blog, we linked a non-breaking space to his install:

<a href="">&nbsp;</a>