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Ghostwriter is a Movable Type plugin adding an author field to Edit Entry and Edit Page screens.

To edit the author of an Entry or Page, a user must have the role of Editor or Blog Administrator.

This plugin is perfect for those who commonly create content for which their boss to takes credit!

Requires Movable Type 4.0 or greater.

Note: changing author of pages is broken due to an issue in MT4.01 but fixed in MT4.1.





Revision History

v1.1 - 2007 Sep 20
Removed some testing code
v1.0 - 2007 Sep 19
Initial Release



beau, any updates on how to get this awesome plugin to work in MT 4.01?

@hank - it does work in 4.01 for Entries, but not for pages due to a bug in MT. It now works in MT4.1 and MT4.2

Feature Request - Add support for changing comment author

try to change page author with mt4.23, but it didn’t work for me in 2 installations.

While I can’t determine why the plugin is not working for you in your 4.23 install, I can tell you how to change this another way:

  1. Go to “Manage Pages” screen
  2. Click the checkbox for the entries you wish to change the author of
  3. Select “Batch Edit Pages” in the “More actions…” menu
  4. Click the name of the author, and follow the steps to choose a new author.


Hi, are there any plans to add “multiple authors per entry” - functionality to this plug-in? That would be great.

Ghostwriter simply adds a field which is missing from the core Movable Type interface.

Until Movable Type (or Melody) natively allows multiple authors per entry, there are no plans to extend this plugin to do so.

This plugin has been so unbelievably useful to me. I don’t know what I’d do without it, and it’s great that it works with MT5, too. Thank you so much for writing it!

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