Adding Custom Styles for a Single Entry in Movable Type

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The first three lines of this entry’s content is:

<style type="text/css">
#entry-55 ul li { color: blue; }

Are the items in this unordered list blue?

  • blue
  • blue
  • blue

If so, I’ve added custom styles to this single entry.

  1. Create your entry
  2. Save it as draft
  3. Look in the url of your browser to find the id which is a unique identifier for the entry (careful not to use blog_id as that is a unique id for the blog)
  4. Enter the id into your css

  5. Change Status to Published
  6. Save your entry

All this assumes you are using the default templates from MT, if not you’ll have to add <$mt:EntryID$> to a container wrapping each entry in your templates.

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